Announcement: Patriot Now Services Houston, Austin and San Antonio Texas!

Patriot Contracting Solutions is hard at work building lasting relationships with our clients throughout the great state of Texas. Just see below the kind words from our friends at Jacobs Engineering.

“Chris Camune and Patriot Contracting Solutions performed exceptionally on our federal project located at Naval Air Station JRB FT Worth, TX. On short notice, they completed the utility locate task quickly while providing a great value to our Navy client and the US taxpayer.”

Project Manager

Jacobs Engineering

Our mission is to provide our clients quality services in a timely and affordable manner. In order to meet the needs of our existing customers and to create relationships with new customers, we are expanding to offer services in Houston, San Antonio and Austin Texas. A Texas sized thank you to all of you for your continued support and patronage. We look forward to seeing you on site soon!

Locating Utilities at The Phoenix Zoo (Phoenix, AZ)



Locating Utilities
Patriot locating buried communication boxes at the Phoenix Zoo.

Patriot provided utility locating services for multiple new exhibits that are going in at the Phoenix Zoo. This was a very fun job from the beginning and what made it even better was working along side all of the interesting animals.  It was definitely a  memorable experience.  When you think of a zoo you don’t immediately think of the utility infrastructure that place requires to function.  There are utilities running everywhere!  We utilized the Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) quite a bit on this project to mark out hundreds of feet of asbestos-cement pipe (ACP) that is naturally untraceable.


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Locating Housing Communities and Apartment Complexes (Dallas, TX)

Patriot Locating Utilities For ATT Fiber Project

Patriot has been providing private utility locating services for multiple projects for the AT&T installation of fiber optic cables throughout apartment complexes and housing communities in the great state of Texas. From Houston to Dallas, Austin to San Antonio we strive to build quality relationships with contractors by offering timely service at affordable rates. Patriot offers the skill and experience our clients require in order for them to get their projects done in a safe and timely manner.

Utility Locating at Cyrus 1 Data Hall (Carrollton, TX)

Utility Locating
Utility Locating with GPR at Cyrus 1 (Carrollton, TX)

Patriot performed multiple utility locates at the new Cyrus 1 Data Center in Carrollton, TX.  Being that this is a huge data center, there are a lot of critical utilities that  come in and out of this place. It is highly important that we do the best we can to provide an accurate and successful locate every time to prevent damage to Cyrus 1’s delicate infrastructure.  The only way to prevent damages and maximize efforts on jobs like this is by using the best technology available on today’s market. The GSSI Ground Penetrating Radar units are the THE way to locate utilities. Patriot has all up to date and the newest radar scanners to make sure that the job is done right.

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Utility Verification of Multiple Campuses For Solar Projects (Riverside, CA)

Locating Utilities using Ground Penetrating Radar and Radio Detection
Locating Utilities (Riverside, CA)

Patriot Contracting Solutions has completed multiple ongoing utility locating and verification projects on numerous California college campuses to asses onsite utilities and validate existing as-built drawings. The scope of work is extensive but we are turning up great results with the Ground Penetrating Radar by finding non-metallic water lines and fiber optic. The great thing about the GPR is that it provides a very accurate depth and that is essential data during a design phase to have an idea of where these utilities physically lie.

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North Texas Municipal Water District 42″ Concrete Water Main Locate (Garland, TX)

Locating 42″ Concrete Water Mains (Garland, TX)

Patriot Contracting Solutions was called to assist with the locating services for a 42″ concrete water main that has been in the ground since the 1960’s in the Garland Texas area. Using Radio Detection and GPR technology Patriot was able to identify and provide an accurate depth for the water main in 6 different locations throughout the city of Garland, Texas. The use of this technology provided valuable information to our client who previously had only a general idea of where the main line should be and ultimately saved our client time and money to search for the concrete pipe.

Announcement: New Patriot Office Opened in Dallas, Texas

Thank you to the continued support from our great customers, as of January 1st, 2017 we are now offering Concrete GPR and Utility Locating services in Dallas, Texas!

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Locating Jet Fuel Supply Lines at Naval Air Station Fallon (Nevada)

Fallon Naval Air Base

Patriot Contracting Solutions was invited to Fallon Naval Air Station to  provide Radio Detection and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) scanning for utilities as well as jet fuel supply lines.  Obviously it was imperative that we located these massive supply lines that ran from storage tanks across the apron to the multiple refueling stations. Of course these lines did not want to trace out with traditional measures by using Radio Detection. Therefore we utilized GPR to not only find the active lines, we were able to find the abandoned lines that ran parallel to them.  The GPR is an effective tool for any project and we multiple frequencies and models to deploy.

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Locating Utilities at TPC Scottsdale (Arizona)

Locating Utilities at Scottsdale’s TPC

Patriot provided utility locating services at TPC Scottsdale for over 1,000 feet of trenching to install new water lines.  This was a daunting task to complete because of the the amount of existing infrastructure that is on this golf course.  As many people know, this is the the location of the Waste Management Open and we were right in the heart of the stadium.  We used Ground Penetrating Radar to mark out the irrigation lines as well as Radio Detection to locate wiring, fiber and sewer lines.

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Utility Locating and GPR Scanning to Provide Utility Depths at Downtown Historical LUHRS Building

GPR Scanning for utilities at downtown LUHRS Building.
GPR Scanning for utilities at downtown LUHRS Building.

Patriot provided Utility Locating and GPR Scanning services for the historical LUHRS Building for demo and hardscape upgrades.  We utilized Underground GPR during this process to provide an accurate depth of the utilities running through the area. Being that the building and area is so old, it is hard to tell what utilities could be passing through there. Some may be abandoned and the only way to find them is by using GPR.

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